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August 30, 2004

The Duck Mafia Has Landed.

We've settled around the pond.

But ain't regular birds, us. I mean, we can talk and type and all that Blues. But, besides those details, we kinda got a little taste for something most birds don't. Namely Films. And everythin' associated wit 'em. Screenwriting. Film History. Film Theory. Directing. Cinematography. Editing. And, of course, watching the damn things.

We like to gather together, all us ducks, and talk 'bout what we seen. Argue. Yell. Learn. (That's what we got this pond for, see.) We're an opninionated bunch. Sometimes loud. Sometimes wrong. But always honest.

Ain't exactly the communal types either, but we respect the odd Pigeon or Osprey stopping by for a few bites of soggy, whole wheat bread and some talk. As long as they has an opinion to share and ain't afraid to use their beaks, that is. Hell, flap yer wings too. But don't be chirpin' for the sake of making noise. 'Cause we don't take kindly to 'dat. And you don't wanna have us not takin' kindly.

Now, I'd love to stay and chat some more, but we just got a shipment of seed in from outta town. And it needs to get distributed. Ain't gonna do it itself.

Quack Corleone


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