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December 19, 2004

War on Information

In the past week several websites offering links to bittorrent files were taken offline. A recent surge in pressure exerted by the Motion Picture Association (www.mpaa.org) on these link providers forced their demise. Some, like Phoenix Torrents and Suprnova (Slovenia), which saw over a million visitors a day, made the decision to cease operation before legal action was brought against them and their users. Others, like Youceff Torrents (France), which had its servers raided by police, had little choice.

Importantly, these sites did not host “illegal” files but only pointed to them. However, faced with the almost unlimited power of multinational conglomerates, the creators and administrators of these sites neither have the resources, money, or time to do battle in court. Most bittorrent link sites operate for no profit, and sometimes struggle to pay server costs with money from donations and web ads.

In a predictable twist, the war against bittorrent, file sharing, and the freedom of the internet has already devolved to propaganda (Luther, the printing press and the Church anyone?). Recent news articles available through Yahoo and Reuters about the bittorrent phenomenon have equated the technology with terrorism:

“Some of the BitTorrent host sites, like SuprNova.org, generate a daily list of new seed files added by users. The site recently had listings for movies such as "Van Helsing" and ‘Wimbledon’, which is not scheduled for release on DVD for another three weeks.

Some sites offer digitized broadcasts of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," computer games like "Star Trek: Klingon Academy" and "Half Life 2," e-books on the physics behind an atomic bomb, even footage of kidnap victims in the Middle East.” (from here)

Regardless of one’s stance on so-called “piracy”, bittorrent also allows for the transfer of legal files such as classic literature, taped concerts, and freeware software. Textbooks are offered, but they are neither restricted to physics or to the creation of atomic bombs (Cold War nostalgia, perhaps?). God forbid the evil that shall be unleashed on us all if people educate themselves! Still, a youth addicted to drugs is easier to control than one with a thirst for knowledge. As to the clips of beheadings; they’re online. Along with clips of anything else you can think of, including a funny one of George Bush picking his nose and various cartoons and short films.

More of this type of Spin is surely to come.

But whatever the MPAA can bring itself to shove down our throats, the fact remains that file sharing is good for the individual. It allows people to gather information, listen to music, and watch films that they would otherwise likely not experience. Even if, and it’s debatable, bittorrent is detrimental to the film and music industries, the betterment of society should supersede that. The government, a body elected by the people to serve the people, cannot put the desires of a corporation above those of the people.

Separation of Corporation and State? (here)

(Especially funny is the attitude of companies such as Sony, that produce music, films, CDs, DVDs, computers, CD burners and DVD burners. Opposed to “piracy” they may be, but while it’s going on they seem content to profit from it.)

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the entire situation is that bittorrent is like a medium inside the internet. It's not merely the sending and receiving of a file, but a nique way of doing so. Think of it like a road, with many possibilities and uses. Should our roadways be destroyed because there are accidents? Should telephone use be restricted because someone can use it to plan a bombing?

THEY are using all means at their disposal to convince you that file sharing is evil before you can decide for yourself. (see “piracy” at dictionary.com: here)

Napster’s dead.

Fool me once, won’t get fooled again.

The war is on.


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